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About Us

We're family

How it all started

In 1980 Mike Baron and Steve Rude created The Encyclopedia Salesman. But Captial Comics wanted a superhero...

In the beginning...

Nexus, like so many of humanity’s other great invention, is a child of circumstance and necessity.

Conceived in a particular moment and place, this cleverly constructed device initially fulfilled the needs of its two creators, Mike Baron and Steve “the Dude” Rude, and those of its original publisher. But, like other inventions of lasting quality and worth, Nexus has proven itself to be sturdy, durable and—perhaps most important of all—more than capable of fulfilling the changing needs and wants of its originators, and those of an ever-increasing number of their fellow human beings.

No matter how far afield it might have strayed from its original forms and purposes, this narrative construct has always managed to do its work, and do it well. It’s accomplished its primary mission, which is to entertain its readers, by supplying material that sates the most refined tastes while simultaneously feeding the basest of human urges, combining as it does the deep-seated sense of wonder and communion shared by the poet and cosmologist with the practical, often bloody-minded realities and sensibilities of the soldier and judge.

Where we are today...

It's always been evident to Baron and I that Nexus was more than a comic of mere passing interest to its readers. The letters we've received over the years have ranged in content from a simple "thank you" to long acknowledgements of appreciation. Store owners, fellow industry pros, other publishers, and just plain old workaday fans--the backbone of our industry-- have stood in waiting a long time for its eventual return. The wait is now over, friends--we'll even be adding in an honest-to-god letter column to reflect your discerning speculations starting with paper #2 in March.

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Meet our team

Steve Rude
Owner / Artist

Steve Rude considers himself an art student. The desire to better his craft with each new project shows an expressive and caring approach. His official website is www.SteveRude.com

Mike Baron
Writer, Nexus

Mike Baron is the author of Helmet Head , Whack Job , and Biker three mindblowing novels that will change the way you feel about horror fiction. His official website is www.bloodyredbaron.net

Gary Martin

Gary Martin has been working in comics for two decades as an inker and has dabbled in writing.

Mike Jones

Mike Jones, Jr. is a professor of graphic design and freelancer in Texas. He publishes his own "retro" comic book Omni-Men at comixology.com and has been the graphic designer for Rude Dude Productions since its inception. Websites: www.omni-men.com , starquack.wix.com/mikejonesjr

Jaynelle Rude
Executive Assistant

Jaynelle is Steve's wife and takes care of everything from email correspondence to social media and website design.